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5000 Crore Defamation Notice against Indian Express over CJI Chandrachud Coverage: A Major Turn in Indian Media Landscape

In a turn of events that shook the Indian media landscape, the Indian Express deleted a contentious news piece concerning CJI Chandrachud. The catalyst for this act was a hefty Rs. 5000 Crore defamation notice served by Mursalin Shaikh, alleging defamatory content and one-sided reporting.

Mursalin Shaikh had previously filed a writ petition aiming to prohibit Justice Chandrachud from taking oath as CJI. The Indian Express, in its coverage, failed to incorporate the proofs presented in the writ petition or the views of Shaikh’s advocate and press secretary. Instead, it presented a one-sided narrative, painting Shaikh in a negative light. This imbalance in reporting incited Shaikh to take legal action.

In response to the defamation notice, Indian Express expressed regret, ensuring that no further news concerning Shaikh would be published without incorporating the viewpoint of his counsel or press secretary. They promptly deleted the contentious news article within one day of receiving the notice. Despite these actions, the demanded compensation amount and a public apology published in all newspapers remained unfulfilled, prompting Shaikh to issue a second defamation notice on June 2, 2023.

An intriguing aspect of this narrative involves an event dated March 23, 2023, where CJI Chandrachud attended a private program hosted by the Indian Express. This occurrence fueled suspicions of interconnection between Justice Chandrachud and the Indian Express, stoking further controversy.

As per the latest updates, it is understood that a lawsuit against Indian Express is on the horizon. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for balanced reporting and the power of defamation suits as a tool for individuals to protect their reputation.

Through this lens, Mursalin Shaikh’s encounter with the Indian Express paves the way for a robust discussion about journalistic integrity, the responsibilities of the media, and the potential repercussions of one-sided reporting. As this story continues to unfold, it reinforces the critical need for news outlets to maintain unbiased reporting and uphold ethical journalistic practices.

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