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Outrage in the Legal Community: Sanjay Raut’s Derogatory Remarks Ignite Contempt Charges


In a shocking turn of events, Sanjay Raut, a prominent political figure and editor of the Daily Samna, has stirred a storm within the legal community with his recent editorial published on February 4, 2024. In his editorial, Raut made several defamatory remarks against the Indian judiciary, sparking anger and frustration among judges, lawyers, and court staff across the nation. The fallout from his editorial has led to a series of complaints and legal actions, further straining the already contentious relationship between politics and the judiciary.

The Controversial Editorial

Sanjay Raut’s editorial in Daily Samna contained inflammatory allegations that have sent shockwaves through the legal fraternity. Among his derogatory statements were the following:

1. Courts have become ‘Sulabh Shauchalay’: Raut likened the courts to public restrooms, insinuating that judicial proceedings are tainted by corruption and bribery.

2. All Judges are Corrupt: He made a sweeping generalization, accusing all judges of corruption and asserting that judgments are not delivered on merit.

3. Corruption in Bail Matters: Raut alleged that session judges are corrupt, particularly in bail matters related to economic offenses, where they purportedly withhold judgments in exchange for bribes.

Immediate Action and Contempt Charges

The legal community’s response to Sanjay Raut’s remarks has been swift and decisive. On February 6, 2024, Adv. Nilesh Ojha, the National President of the Indian Bar Association, lodged a formal complaint before Chief Justice Shri Devendra Kumar Upadhyay of the Bombay High Court. The complaint sought immediate action under criminal contempt and various sections of the Indian Penal Code against not only Sanjay Raut but also the editor, Uddhav Thakre, and publisher Vivek Kadam of Daily Samna.

This is not the first time that Sanjay Raut has found himself in contempt charges. Already, two contempt petitions are pending before the High Court and Supreme Court, involving Raut, Uddhav Thakre, and others, for their previous acts of defaming the judiciary.

Allegations of Bias and Inaction

In addition to the contempt charges, the complaint highlights several concerning allegations against Chief Justice Devendra Upadhyay. It accuses him of displaying a biased attitude by delaying proceedings against Sanjay Raut and others. Moreover, the complainant raises concerns about the handling of public interest litigations, specifically the case involving Aditya Thakre in the Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian murder and gang rape case. Allegations of cases being transferred to a judge with close political ties have also surfaced, raising questions about the judiciary’s independence.

Furthermore, the complaint points out Chief Justice Upadhyay’s inaction in complying with orders dated July 25, 2023, for the formation of a Full Bench to investigate corruption and forgery charges against Justice Revati Mohite Dere, particularly in granting bail to former ICICI President Smt. Chanda Kochhar.


Sanjay Raut’s derogatory remarks against the judiciary have ignited a firestorm of controversy, with legal professionals and the public demanding accountability and justice. The legal battle that unfolds will undoubtedly be closely watched by all concerned citizens, as it has the potential to impact the delicate balance between the judiciary and the political sphere. The outcome of this situation will determine whether freedom of speech should be allowed to trample upon the sanctity of judicial institutions and the reputations of honorable judges.

You can download the copy of the complaint logged by Indian Bar Association Here

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