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Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan, and Pooja Dadlani Could Face Arrest in Bribery Case !

Introduction: Recently, a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed by Rashid Khan Pathan in the Bombay High Court has stirred up a storm in the bribery case involving Shah Rukh Khan, his secretary Pooja Dadlani, and his son Aryan Khan. Following the PIL, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken action and initiated an investigation by summoning all three individuals for questioning. The possibility of their arrest has increased, raising concerns about false evidence and fabricated testimonies leading to new developments in the case.

Bribery Allegations and CBI Intervention: Shah Rukh Khan, Pooja Dadlani, and Aryan Khan are accused of offering bribes to save Aryan from drug-related charges. The PIL filed by Rashid Khan Pathan prompted the CBI to intervene in the case. The CBI officials have decided to summon all three individuals for investigation, signalling a potential arrest in the near future.

Consequences of Guilt and Relevant Legal Sections: If the accused parties admit their wrongdoing or if the allegations are proven true, they could face severe penalties under the Prevention of Corruption Act, Section 12, which carries a maximum sentence of up to seven years. Additionally, they may be charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Sections 409, 120(B), 34, and 109, which could lead to imprisonment for life.

Strong Evidence against Accused Parties: The possibility of the accused parties denying the bribery allegations seems unlikely due to the substantial evidence available. The NCB’s report, Prabhakar Sail’s affidavit, the CBI’s FIR, as well as CCTV footage and other evidence submitted by the Mumbai Police, regarding Pooja Dadlani and other allegations, should be sufficient to expose any false claims made by the accused parties.

Support from the Petitioner: Rashid Khan Pathan, the petitioner in the PIL, is being assisted by several additional advocates, including Mr. Nilesh Ojha, Mr. Tanveer Nizam, Mr. Ishwarlal Agarwal, Mr. Anand Jondhale, Mr. Vijay Kurle, Ms. Dipali Ojha, Mr. Abhishek Mishra, Mr. Pratik Jain Saklecha, Ms. Snehal Surve, Ms. Hania Sheikh, Ms. Pooja Shah, Mr. Sourav Khanna, Ms. Meena Thakur, Mr. Pratik Sarkar, and others who are actively supporting the legal proceedings.

Conclusion: As the CBI begins its investigation into the bribery case involving Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan, and Pooja Dadlani, the possibility of their arrest looms large. The outcome of this case will depend on the evidence presented and the legal proceedings that follow. It is a critical moment for all parties involved, and the truth must prevail to ensure justice is served. As the case unfolds, it will undoubtedly draw significant attention and scrutiny from the public and media alike.

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